Wayfair Ten Precent Off Coupon

by Andrew James on February 26, 2013

wayfairlogoAndrew here again with another great deal. This time I bring to you my first deal from Wayfair. If you have a Wayfair store in your area then you probably have at least taken the time to shop there. If you haven’t then you should definitely give them a look. If you do not have a Wayfair store locally then you will have the option of ordering online. They usually have free shipping for purchases online, but the deal I found is for ten percent off. Ten percent off can mean a substantial amount on a couch or other items that are over four hundred dollars or more.

Use coupon code 1E038416551

Use the above coupon code at checkout to get the savings added to your shopping cart. I am not entirely sure that this coupon code will be accepted at Wayfair physical stores so be sure that you call ahead of time to check.

As with most coupons I am not sure when this one expires so you may want to make your purchase sooner rather than later. I plan to use the coupon tonight if my wife agrees. I found a beautiful antique pewter iron patio set for $252.19 ( as of posting this ). If you would like to take a look at the furniture piece I am referring to see the attached photo. I think me and my wife will both love this adorable set. This particular piece will look great on my back patio.ironfurniture

If there are any items that you like on Wayfair let me know what they are. I believe James will be reviewing some furniture pieces from Wayfair and Lazboy in the coming month. You should contact James if you have a particular furniture piece you want reviewed here on Clarityfurniture.com

You can always get a hold of James through the contact page.

NOTE: I found out that the patio set that is pictured above will be going back up in price in about two days. Make a purchase before then to get it for $252.19 instead of the regular listed price of $303.16.

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