Use Green Picture Frames To Liven Up Your Room

by James Bateman on October 8, 2013

greenpictureframes1I have done many different posts on picture frames over the last couple of months. I just think that round picture frames, square picture frames and custom shaped picture frames can look amazing when used correctly to complement the furniture in your room. Today I wanted to do a post that focused specifically on green picture frames. Now green frames are not as common as say black or white picture frames but they can really make a difference in some room setups.

Furniture That Fits Well With Picture Frames That Are Green

What kind of furniture fits well with green picture frames? Well just about anything. The color is very important when trying to match a green frame with the furniture in the room. You should of course match the frame with the furniture and not the other way around. This would mean that you should avoid using a green photo frame in a room that doesn’t call for it.

Different shades of green can make a difference. A bright green frame will not fit well in most environments. A dark green one will have a much better chance at fitting well with the furniture you already own. There are also variations of green that can be used such as patterns or even stripes.greenpictureframes2

Keeping Your Picture Frames In Tip Top Shape

There are precautions you can take to preserve the quality of your picture frames. If the frame is made of wood you can add protective coating. Protective lacquer should be already applied to most wood frames but in some cases you may need to add it yourself. Some custom made wooden picture frames for instance will be left without any sealant. This is usually because some people prefer the unfinished look of wood frames. Your frames can last longer however if they have protective finish applied to the wood. You may prefer to have this done professional. Most custom woodworking shops will do this job for an additional price separate from the custom frame job. Prices will vary depending upon which store you go to.

Have your picture frames cleaned regularly. Dust and dirt build up can make your frames look terrible. Scheduled a time when they will be cleaned. Cleanings should be no longer than a month apart to keep the frames in great shape. Only use cleaning sprays or liquids that will not damage the surface of the picture frames. Wooden frames are especially fragile to certain sprays and liquids. Read warning labels to ensure the cleaning spray you use will not cause any irreversible damage.

greenpictureframes3Brighten Up Your Room

Choosing great looking green picture frames can brighten up just about any room. You will need to make sure that the frame in question fits well with the other furniture and decorations in the room. Try different furniture pieces until you find something that works. If you can’t get your green frames to fit with the furniture you already have in your room you can always try another room to see if the picture frame works better there.

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