The Amazing Digital Picture Frame

by James Bateman on March 7, 2013

digitalpictureframes1Digital picture frames have become affordable in the last couple of years for most people. They still can cost in the hundreds for a single frame. Some digital frames such as ones that are 8 inches can cost between $40 – $80 depending on what model you buy. Before you buy you will want to make sure this kind of frame is right for your needs. If you do not want to go with digital you may want to check out my previous post on round picture frames.

So what exactly are digital picture frames and what can they do? Digital picture frames are made by many different companies such as ViewSonic, Coby, NIX, Sony and HP. A digital frame will most commonly display a slide show of your chosen images. It functions much like a flat screen television or computer monitor. This means that if you own one of these unique frames you will be adding style and elegance to whatever room you install it in.

digitalpictureframes2As for loading the images you will need a memory card. Most digital photo frames will create a slide show with images on your memory card automatically. Many digital frames will allow varying customization options through a control panel. You should take note that not all frames will allow customization. You will have more image customization options on the more expensive models. If you are familiar with a computer you can organize your slide show images there and once you are done you can load them onto your memory card and insert it back into the frame.

One difference that is worth mentioning between regular picture frames and digital frames is that there is no glass between you and the image. Digital frames use an LCD screen to display your photos. Without the glass separating your images I have found that photos are clearer, brighter and more rich in color. I was initially turned off on the idea of digital frames, but have since fallen in love with the image quality these frames provide.

Some of the older models require a computer to be connected at all times in order to display your images. I thought this was very intrusive. After all who wants a wire going up their wall? Newer units have memory card slots to hold all of the images you want the device to display. Some higher end models also have the ability to customize how the slide show is displayed. For instance you can choose slow, medium or fast for how long each photo is shown. You may also find that you can choose between different transitions. A slide show transition is the motion used to move from one image to the next. Some transitions will simply move from left to right while more intricate transitions will have 3D animation and effects.digitalpictureframe3

If you do not have a computer or you are not familiar with the process of accessing a memory card you will have the option of signing up for a website that works with digital picture frames. These websites will allow you to upload your images and arrange your slide show. Some websites that allow you to upload and store your images will cost a monthly fee. Fortunately they are very affordable with prices ranging from five to twenty dollars a month. If you buy a digital photo frame and find yourself struggling to get the images to upload to the memory card these websites are a great option.

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