Office Lobby Furniture That Excites

by James Bateman on February 4, 2013

officelobbyfurniture1As you look for ways in which you can improve your business one way that you may have overlooked is upgrading your office lobby furniture. Your lobby area will be your customers first impression about your business. A lobby area that has a relaxing feel as well as comfortable furniture is extremely important. If you are also able to achieve a office waiting room that looks attractive as well as comfortable then you will really have something.

Designing Your Office Lobby

One of the first things you should ask yourself while designing your lobby is “will my lobby be able to comfortably support a large number of people at once?” There will likely be some days that your business becomes crowded with customers. This is a great thing, because it will mean your business is becoming popular or well known. It will be up to you to ensure that your customers will be able to move about freely in your lobby. Just keep in mind what your lobby will look like during peak hours. This will help you choose the right setup for your office lobby furniture.

Keep Your Lobby Clean

As I went over earlier, your lobby area will be the first thing people judge your business on. If they see dirt and clutter throughout the room you will be setting a negative first impression. If you know anything about business you know how important a good first impression is.

If you are too busy to handle the cleaning that needs done yourself consider hiring someone to help. This can be costly especially for small businesses, but it will be worth it in the long run.

What Kind Of Furniture Should I Buy?officelobbyfurniture2

Choosing the right furniture for your office lobby can be difficult for some. What you will want to do is buy furniture that matches the type of customers you expect to have. Comfort should be at the front of your mind. If you choose uncomfortable furniture you run the risk of losing customers because they will grow impatient quickly.

You will not only want to find comfortable furniture for your lobby but also furniture that is durable. Durability should play an important part in your furniture buying decisions. You will also want to find furniture that is easy to maintain. The furniture you buy will be used frequently so it is important that you choose furniture that is made of high quality materials.

Choosing A Reception Desk

No matter what kind of business you are designing a lobby for you will likely need a reception desk. Make sure that you choose a desk that is large enough for your needs but doesn’t take over the room. Many people think that a small desk will be sufficient, but this usually isn’t true. A larger desk with drawers to hold important documents and more space to work is ideal. You will also want to give your customers room to work on the desk as well.

officelobbyfurniture3More Options To Consider

Most doctors offices have a water fountain installed there. This is important for your business, especially if your customers could be waiting long periods of time. A coffee machine is also a nice addition to any lobby.

One other thing you may want to consider is a snack machine or a soda machine. You will of course need to make sure your lobby is large enough to fit all of these things comfortably. Also make sure that your budget will allow you to install these additions before you go out and buy them. Purchase the other things you will need first such as your office lobby furniture before you buy any of these extra options.

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jim hong February 28, 2013 at 6:42 pm

Great post James. I think simple is always best when putting together a successful lobby. I think comfort plays a huge factor as well.

Thank you,
Jim H.


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