How To Properly Maintain Antique Furniture

by James Bateman on November 24, 2012

antique furniture 1Many people do not know the value of antique furniture. You can make a small fortune when you sell antique furniture that is sought after and in good condition. This is why it is extremely important that you properly maintain your antique furniture. There are some things you can start doing today to help keep your furniture in tip top shape.

Be sure to keep your furniture clean. When you have plans to clean your home make sure you do not forget to clean your furniture. Use a cloth when cleaning your furniture in order to avoid scratches and scrapes. Furniture polish sprays should be avoided when cleaning antique furniture pieces. Furniture polish can cause the finish of your furniture to come off or become weak. This can severely lower the value of your furniture if this happens. Waxing can go a long way in keeping your antique wood pieces in great shape. Using wax will help with overall protection and give your furniture an attractive shine. Make sure that you only apply a thin coat of wax to avoid wax pooling. Plan to wax your antique furniture every couple of months or so.
antique furniture 2
In addition to waxing and cleaning your furniture you will need to ensure that no liquid sits on it. If you allow liquid to sit on your furniture for extended periods of time it will eat at the finish. Remove any liquids on furniture immediately. When removing liquids it is important to note that simply wiping away the liquid can cause further damage to your furniture. This is especially true if the liquid has been sitting there for a long time. Use a dabbing motion to remove the liquid in order to avoid any more damage to the finish.

Avoid direct sunlight when storing your furniture. If your antique furniture is subjected to regular sunlight each day it will begin to lose color or it may even warp. Damage from sunlight is often unrepairable. A cover may help if you absolute must store your furniture in direct sunlight. Over time however sunlight can still cause damage so the best option is to avoid storing furniture in sunlight entirely.

Keeping your antique furniture in great condition should be a high priority for you. If you have lots of antique pieces you will want to make sure you take the time to properly maintain them. Hopefully you can avoid damage to your furniture by following some of the above tips.

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