How To Find Affordable Furniture In Your Area

by James Bateman on September 30, 2013

affordablefurniture1It can be an expensive and daunting task to decorate your home with new furniture. If you are buying all new furniture you could end up spending thousands to furnish just one room. Instead of simply buying retail furniture you can make intelligent choices on what furniture you buy. There is affordable furniture out there waiting for you if you know where to look. If you are not sure where to start don’t worry I am here to help.

Buying Furniture From Outlet Stores

I believe I went over how much you can save when buying from outlet stores earlier in the year, but I just can’t stress enough how much you can save when shopping at these places. Granted some of the furniture available at outlet stores can be slightly used or partially damaged. The great news is that this is not true for most furniture pieces at outlet stores. I recommend you thoroughly look over each piece that you are considering buying before making a commitment. Some damage or missing pieces may only be discovered once you get home. This is especially bad if the outlet store in question does not allow items to be returned. Ask a sales associate if the item you are interested in has been damaged.affordablefurniture2

Don’t forget to make sure that you look over the piece yourself anyway. Small nicks and scrapes can be fixed by you or a qualified repairman. It will certainly be worth it compared to how much money you will save compared to buying new. Many models found at furniture outlet stores have simply been displayed for a short period of time. These furniture pieces are usually a fraction of their listing price and many of these are in brand new condition.

Have You Tried Finding A Sale?

Furniture retailers will usually have store wide sales at least once a year. These sales are a great opportunity to get substantial discounts on the furniture items you need for your home. Another way to find discounts from retail furniture stores is to look for going out of business sales. Many furniture companies have been going under as the economy continues to struggle. This presents an ideal opportunity to get some great furniture at low prices. You have no doubt seen many commercials in your area advertising going out of business liquidation. I would highly recommend that you don’t procrastinate on these types of sales. All the decent furniture will probably be gone within the first couple days of the sale.

Garage Sales and Classified Ads

affordablefurniture3Another great option is to check out garage sales and classified ads. Ads listed in the classifieds for furniture usually contain some pretty decent selections. There are usually hundreds of items posted each and everyday. The listings are usually for some very affordable furniture sets. Online classifieds such as Craigslist will typically contain pictures in the listings. This is important so that you don’t waste your time driving to each house to check out furniture listings that interest you. If you are able to preview items with an image it will be a lot easier to determine if it is something you want to peruse or not.

If you are interested in checking out garage sales you should use the paper to find them. Online classifieds also contain listings of current garage sales in your area. Garage sales can help you find some really affordable furniture items. If you are alright with buying used items over new this can be a fantastic money saving option for you.

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