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by Andrew James on February 8, 2013

homedepotHello everyone! I’m back with a great deal from Home Depot.

Right now at Home Depot you can save up to $1000 off select appliances. Another great thing is you will get free shipping to your home. This discount should be automatically applied to your shopping cart. This deal ends 02/13/2013 so be sure to get right on this if you need a new appliance for whatever reason.

Home Depot is also offering 25% off specialty marked space heaters. Go to Home Depot’s space heater category to find out which ones qualify for the deal. This special offer ends 03/13/2013 so you will have to be quick, which is pretty much true for all special deals.gasrange

I am sure this deal is available because the winter season is almost over. These clearance sales can save you a lot of money. If you need a space heater for next winter you should definitely check out what they have in stock. I did check out some of the space heaters on home depot for myself and found a great one by Lasko – Model #5160 for only $49.99.

I have a garage that gets pretty cold especially at night so I put a space heater in there and it stays at a nice temperature. I have a TV setup in there so it is nice to have some heat in there when I have guests over. Please be aware that I am not entirely sure if the model I mentioned is %25 off or not. You may want to make sure by contacting Home Depot before placing your order.

laskospaceheaterWell that’s all for now. I will be doing another coupon update this week so check out for that. You can always sign up for our RSS feed or following us on twitter to get our current updates and what not. I will be updating about every two or three days so you are in for some exciting deals. Catch you again soon!

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