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I am glad that you are interested in guest posting here on Clarity Furniture. We always welcome writers to share their articles with us. If you write for us we will reward you by giving you a link back to your homepage and you will also benefit from the visitors that our blog provides.

We do have a couple of requirements when writing on


Your guest post must be in English. Proper grammar is important so please proof read your post before you submit it to us.
Your post must be original. You cannot submit the post you write for Clarity Furniture to other blogs or anywhere else.
One link will be allowed at the bottom of the article. You can link back to your personal or business blog or website.
Please use image tools such as Photoshop to save your images in web format. This will keep image file sizes small.

Topics To Write About:

We accept pretty much anything to do with furniture and furniture repair. Furniture product reviews are also welcome here at


Before you submit your article please contact me to let me know what kind of article you plan to submit. After we get back to you please submit your article as an ( .txt ) attachment to admin ( at ) clarityfurniture . com
Once your blog post has been published you will be emailed a link so that you can find it. It should be most easily found on the main page upon initial publication.


Once any post is published it will become the copyrighted property of
We reserve exclusive rights to make any changes to the post including modifying the text and changing links.
We reserve the right to reject your blog post.

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