Decorating Your Bathroom With A Cast Iron Bathtub

by James Bateman on December 4, 2012

A cast iron cast-iron-bathtubbathtub will bring a one of a kind style to your bedroom. You may not have considered how much a difference a bathtub can make in your bathroom. If you choose an elegant cast iron bathtub you will be creating a focal point on which to base your bathroom style on.

Why are cast iron bathtubs so special?

One thing that helps cast iron bathtubs stand out as compared to a regular bathtub is that they can retain heat well. This will mean that you will be able to save money because your tub will be more energy efficient.

Another great thing about these tubs is that their deep design will allow you to feel as if you are floating. This can be a very relaxing experience.

Why can upgrading to a cast iron tub improve your bathrooms style?

Over the years cast iron bathtubs have been improving in their overall style and presentation. Their basic design, however, has remained unchanged. Customizable options include the ability to choose unique legs for your tub, different shapes and even varied colors.

Cast iron bathtubs are made to stand the test of time.cast-iron-bathtub-1

When it comes to cast iron bathtubs many people think about how timeless they are. These tubs are built to last and many companies will include a lifetime warranty with their tubs.

Cast iron tubs are made with an enamel finish that is resilient to paint chipping. If chipping occurs it can be repaired by getting your tub re-glazed. This will ensure the shine continues to look great.

How are these amazing tubs made?

Liquid iron is first poured into a mold. As the tub cools it will be shaped and styled. Pure iron will be used during creation to ensure that the tub will last forever. The high gloss finish is achieved by fire polishing the colors onto the tub frame. A porcelain finish is then used to give the completed cast iron bathtub an even more elegant design. No mater what color is used you really will have a special design when all is said and done.

cast-iron-bathtub-2Save money by buying a vintage cast iron bathtub instead of a newer model.

The older models are typically smaller and slimmer, but the overall design remains the same. You can definitely create a nice design for your bathroom by going vintage. If you plan to buy a vintage tub look in your local paper for listings or you can search online.

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RubyS December 14, 2012 at 8:31 pm

I have though of getting a cast iron tub for some time now. Do you recommend a particular brand? The ones I have found usually cost in the thousands so I was trying to save some money when I buy. Thanks.

- Ruby S.


Arny December 26, 2012 at 8:46 am

I have though of one of these for my aunts house. It is an older house but a tub would really make a different there. I am also wondering how much these cost. The ones I have seen cost a couple thousand. I have seen that most of these do come with a lifetime warranty, so that’s good.



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