Can A Wood Burning Stove Give A Rustic Look To Your Home?

by Amanda Watkins on January 18, 2013

woodburningstove1Bare with me as we will be going a little off topic today. Although what we will be going over should help you improve the look of your living room or basement. This will also help improve the overall look of the furniture in your room as well.

Have You Thought Of Installing A Wood Burning Stove?

A wood burning stove will not only save you money but it can also look elegant once it has been setup. Don’t invest in just any stove. You may want to get one that has a rustic or stylish look. Keep in mind that you will want to match one as best as possible with the existing room.

How Difficult Is The Installation Process Of A Wood Burning Stove?

The installation of a wood burning stove can be difficult if you do not already have experience in stove installations. You have the option of hiring a professional to help you with the installation process. During the installation process you will have to hook up a pipe that allows exhaust to escape to the outside. You will have to choose from a single wall stove pipe, a double wall stove pipe or a triple wall stove pipe. A single wall stove pipe is great for smaller stoves. If you need more venting then consider going with either the double or triple wall stove pipe. Insulated stove pipes are a must in order to protect your home from the extremely hot temperatures created by wood burning stoves. Always invest in the highest quality materials and parts for maximum safety.triplewallstovepipe

Choosing The Right Wood Burning Stove

Selecting the right wood burning stove really doesn’t have to be too difficult. The key is to find one that looks nice but is also quality made. It will greatly come down to personal preference. Spend some time researching what stove manufacturing companies are the best. You can find some of the top manufactures by searching online. Some of my favorites are Pleasant Hearth, Vogelzang and Century Heating. If you plan on going with any one of these you wont go wrong. I went with a wood burning stove from Pleasant Hearth and couldn’t be happier. I probably annoy some of my family by how many times I have recommended it.

woodburningstove2Can Deals Be Found On Wood Burning Stoves?

Deals can be found for wood burning stoves but they can be difficult to locate. Buying used may be your best option for saving money when buying one of these stoves. If you are alright with buying used you can save a lot versus manufactured retail pricing. You can find used stoves in classified ads and consignment stores.

You can still make an effort to find discounts on new stoves. If you are diligent in your search you may be able to land that perfect stove at a great price.

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Andrew R February 10, 2013 at 4:04 am

There is nothing quite like the smell of a wood stove. My father used to have one in his home and I would love to own one again someday.


Dennis February 17, 2013 at 11:55 am

If I ever own a cabin I would definitely want one of these stoves.


lora gibson March 8, 2013 at 10:10 am

My husband installed one of these stoves about two months ago and I can’t believe the heat it produces. We live near a wood cutting factory so we can get wood whenever we need it at a great price.

I do not know the numbers yet but I am sure we will save some money on heat this winter. thanks.


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