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by Andrew James on March 25, 2013

bestbuystoreI told you I would be back tomorrow didn’t I? I present to you a great deal on appliances from Best Buy. Best Buy has an amazing selection of dryers and refrigerators at great prices.

The deal I found is for 15% off major appliances. You will have to use your Best Buy credit card to get the deal. You can sign up for one in your local store or online if you do not already have one. The 15% should automatically be taken off your total purchase price. You may want to take the time to ask a store manager for all the details and requirements.

I found a great looking washer from Samsung. It is theĀ 3.6 cu. ft. 9-cycle high-efficiency steam front-loading washer and it really is a good price right now. I have been in need of a new washing machine for a couple years now. My old one is still working but I feat it may not last much longer. It is almost eight years old and certainly doesn’t run as good as it used to. The clothes that I run through it seem to not be very clean. Also I think it wastes a lot more water than the newer models do.samsunghighefficiencysteamfrontloadingwasher

The newer washing machines claim to leave the clothes less wet than older models so that you can save money on your heating bill. I used to save money hanging our cloths on clothing hangers when I lived at my old home. Unfortunately now that we live in an apartment this isn’t an option. All the clothes that our washing machine washes will need to go in the dryer. I really like the efficiency of these new machines and I think I can save a good amount each month on the water and heating bills.

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Lenny45 March 31, 2013 at 7:32 pm

thanks for the coupon dude.


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